My love is of design’s functionality on the earth.   

Hi, I'm Yingshan. I was born in Beijing of China.

I came to America to study visual communication design. I not only wanted to absorb the design thinking in a different country and improve my competitiveness - I wanted to offer my culture to the world. My background provides my community with internationalization, rational analysis, and passionate design thinking.

My experiences: 

  • I was offering the Lenovo company that the professional motion interface design and the created the motion interface design specification, gesture design successfully.
  • In Wanda group, I focused on user research, interaction and motion design to provide the innovative shopping mode for improving that users are purchasing in the shopping malls. All my design works are interdepartmental and combined with the application, website, scientific and technological equipment. 

My opinions: 

  • A complete interaction design specification should be including the motion design specification. 
  • A complete motion interface design should be considered the feature of the equipment, variation of colours and interactive implication.