Motion Design of Aura System

Motion Design of Aura System

Motion Design


In the AURA system motion design, I responded to the motion effects of the whole system.  Main 7 functions need the interaction and motion ideas to improve the usability for users because they have to know the new design home page and learn how to use it since it is totally different compared to the desktop of Window system or Mac system.

Unfortunately, I cannot upload details of my design work because of copyright protection.

Interface motion desgin of Horizon

I use the three types of working methods to create those motion design works. After the motion design, I created the motion design specification for the engineering team.

  • Basic shape motion design 
  • motion design
  • Writing motion specification


Use different colour shapes to design the original motion effects, then change the pictures to display the using time. I was writing the motion specification document for the whole project towards gesture design, motion design. In addition, I was meeting with UI designers to talk the different states in this system, which could enable us to improve our ideas from each other.

 Software used: Photoshop, After Effects

In this computer, users can look at the guidance videos that were designed by me. Also after the design processing, I gained two national Patents of China: 


One Type of Information Processing Method and Electronic Devices

Release to public time: 03/2015

Patent Number: 201310407350.5  CN 104427123 A


Information Processing Method and Terminal                                                                     

Release to public time: 06/2014                                                                                                

Patent Number: 20121053713.1  CN 103870096 A

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