Interaction Design of Multi-Layered Maps for Shopping Malls

Interaction Design

This project is about a navigation application for shopping malls,  it shows the location and guides customers to find shops and seek coupons, helps users to reserve restaurants and buy film tickets. This work was designed in 2015 for the Wanda Group. 

In this work, I was doing research including shopping mall features, the building location and interior floors, as well as the cultures, nationalities and behaviours of users when they are shopping.  Since the design of the function is based on the research,  I am in the design team to focus on interaction design of map directions, film ticket purchases and the complete motion design of the application, the ticket machines and the advertisement system for business goals.

 Software used: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and InDesign.


Research & Brainstorm Organizes

In 2015, for researching different features of shopping malls not only just in Beijing but also I have been to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka and London to observe, record and analyse the local people's behaviours when they are shopping.  



User Flow




The colourful pages are existing maps. The challenge of this work was the recognition mechanism. Each floor map is based on the real layout, this workflow needs to tell the user each floor clearly when they search the store.


Interface Demo

Brand Demonstration


Motion Demo

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