Lenovo K800 smartphone Power on Animation and Media Center Motion Design 

First Motion Design Project in Lenovo

Published on Jan 12, 2012

open animation

The K800 Lephone is one of the smartphone products in Lenovo, which is released by Lenovo and Intel. The Lenovo K800 would be the first smartphone on the market to use the Intel Medfield processor clocked at 1.6 GHz, this phone is released in 2012.

I am glad to design the power-on animation and the media centre motion for this smartphone. This is my first project in Lenovo.  The design should focus on the cooperation between Intel and Lenovo.

I was creating the storyboard and explained the effects of each screen.  Also, I responded to the media centre's motion design.  In that time,  I used Maya to design the special 3D visual effects on photo albums, music albums. After the video effects, I created the motion design specification for the engineering team.  Although it has been a long time, I would like to show my design at that time.

From this design project, I learned more the design skills and my design works benefit the design team, engineering team and products team.

I find one video on Youtube, it can show this motion design on the phone. Thanks to the person who shots video. 

Software used: Photoshop, After Effects and Maya

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